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‘For most security managers, genuine crisis are events that they are likely to experience no more than once or twice in their careers. It is at such moments that their years of experience come into play. It is our hope – and belief – that these courses will prepare you to deal with such events as professionally and effectively as possible, and in so doing, will ensure the greatest safety for your organisations, operations and personnel’

This course is designed for those people who are already working in security and risk management departments, but who are being tasked with preparing their organisations to deal with unexpected events, and particularly those that could lead to crisis situations.

A crisis event is undoubtedly the toughest test of a security manager’s personal and professional qualities and capabilities, and creates level of pressure and stress that cannot be replicated under any other circumstances.

This course will provide you with a strong understanding of all of the issues associated with preparing and managing a crisis management response operation, as well as providing you with a range of templates that can be adapted to your own specific work-place environment.

The courses we run have been tested and proven with major international organisations and corporations across the world, and we are confident that whatever sector you are involved in, both you and your organisation will gain real benefit from this course, both from the information we will give you but also from the opportunity to interact with other people involved in much the same activities, and sharing many of the same challenges.

For more information on a specific course, its duration and costs or to book a course please email: enquiry@bpspglobal.com

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