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Whether you’re already working as a chauffeur or aspiring to do so, the BPSP drivers training program can accelerate your progress towards achieving your professional driving ambitions. So if you’re willing to shift gears, BPSP offers a variety of drivers training programs, which allow you to expand your driving skills to suit your specific requirements.

Armoured Vehicle Driver Training

BPSP armoured vehicle driver training covers everything from the essential driving skills – defensive driving techniques to armoured vehicle capabilities and dynamics, handling characteristics and stability management.

Professional Chauffeur Training

Passengers rely on your skills and competencies as a chauffeur every day. BPSP Professional Chauffeur Training is specifically designed to support you to build on those skills.

Professional Driver Assessment

Since you want to be a safe driver as long as possible, consider getting a 2-hour professional objective driving evaluation. Not only can this help you recognize and correct possible shortcomings.